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I am a Graphic & UX/UI Designer with over 9 years of experience of crafting solutions that are both visually engaging and highly intuitive.

📍 Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nationality: Italy - Argentina.

Currently, I'm performing as a Senior Graphic & UX/UI Designer at Dipa Solutions, a tech startup based in the US, where I'm specializing in creating visually appealing and user-centric digital experiences. In addition, I'm also working freelance for other projects, where I apply my design skills to help businesses communicate their brands effectively.

My UX journey began in the Modernization, Processes, and Continuous Improvement department within the Management Planning Operational Unit of the Government Control Agency (AGC) of the Buenos Aires City Government, where I played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience for both internal systems and public-facing digital platforms. This work, involving process analysis, user journey mapping, and the development of system features, was not only user-centric but also aligned with city regulations, marking a foundational phase in my UX career.

Another significant chapter was my collaboration with Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires on the 'Delia and Gustavo' project. This endeavor allowed me to merge my UX/UI, graphic, and multimedia design skills, resulting in a distinctive digital narrative. From content design, social media management, to chatbot creation, I played diverse roles. A highlight was animating 3D doctor figures, a challenging yet fulfilling task.

My educational path weaves together rigorous training in User Experience and Interface Design with strategic Product Management insights. This solid foundation is augmented by an early start in English, culminating in a C2 proficiency by 2021, which equips me to articulate design solutions with global resonance.

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