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Delia & Gustavo

In a world where online information can be overwhelming and sometimes misleading, there was a clear need for a trusted voice in the medical community. The renowned Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires saw this gap and aimed to provide accurate, free, and approachable medical information to a broad audience, from children to adults.

Case Study: A Medical Awareness Campaign 


The goal was to:

  1. Educate the public on various health topics, making medical knowledge accessible and understandable.

  2. Promote awareness about the hospital's modern approach and commitment to community welfare.

  3. Give life to the charactes imagined by the doctos to divulgue reliable medical content online.

Strategy and Execution

  • Digital Presence: The primary platform was Instagram, supplemented by a website. The website served as a repository of information where longer, detailed articles could be read without the distractions commonly associated with social media.

  • Design: A family-friendly, approachable design was essential. This was achieved through the creation of 3D animated doctor characters. These characters were not only engaging but symbolized the friendly and trustworthy voice of the hospital. Bright colors, mainly light blue and pink, further added to the inviting nature of the content.

  • Content: Real-life doctors from the hospital were intricately involved, ensuring the information's accuracy. They addressed a variety of topics, from everyday health concerns to more controversial subjects like cannabis use. All content maintained a friendly and colloquial tone, making complex medical jargon understandable.

  • Engagement: The project wasn't just about broadcasting information. It was interactive. A chatbot, using platforms like Facebook and Telegram, was designed to guide users in their queries, employing emojis and predefined choices to ease communication. Regular feedback was solicited from the community, and the doctors were adaptive, even changing course based on what the audience wanted to know.


  • 3D modelling of the characters

  • Character Animation

  • Web design and site maintenance

  • Product Management

  • Chatbot creation

  • Brand identity design

  • Social Media Content generation

  • Social Media & Community Management 

  • Copywriting

  • Constant communication


Graphic Design · Multimedia · Web Design · User Experience Design (UED) · User Experience (UX) · Continuous Improvement · Product Management · Analytical Skills · Web Interface Design · Logo Design · Responsive Web Design · UX Research · Product Design · Marketing · Animation · Visual Communication · Branding · Adobe Creative Suite · Design · Video Editing · Social Media · Community Management · Instagram


Interview for the newspaper "La Opinión de Rafaela"


Outcomes and Impact

  • Recognition: The initiative gained attention, both from followers and the media. The team was interviewed by a national newsletter, providing a platform to share their vision and the thought process behind their unique approach.

  • Community Impact: Beyond numbers and statistics, the project's real impact was in the lives touched. People, especially those who couldn't afford clinical consultations, found a trusted source of medical advice. It served as an awareness campaign for the hospital, showcasing its modern, community-centric approach.

  • Personal Growth: For the team behind this initiative, especially the central figure handling design, community management, strategy, and more, it was a journey of immense learning. Managing multiple roles, working closely with medical professionals, and seeing the direct impact of their work was profoundly rewarding.



While the project had to be shelved due to the constraints brought about by the pandemic, its legacy remains. It stands as a testament to how creativity, backed by genuine intent, can bridge gaps and serve communities.

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