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Dipa Solutions

Dipa Solutions, an US based agency, recognized the need to modernize its brand image and online presence. The previous design was outdated and failed to resonate with the intended audience. Performing as the lead and senior designer, we aimed to infuse the brand with current design trends while ensuring the new design was user-friendly and accessible.

Case Study: Brand and Website Redesign for Dipa Solutions

The Challenge

  • Outdated Design: The existing website did not reflect the agency's progressive ethos.

  • User Experience: The previous design lacked user-centricity, making navigation and information retrieval cumbersome for visitors.

  • Brand Image: The site didn't resonate with the agency's target audience due to its dated look and feel.

The Solution

Design Strategy

  • Research: A deep dive into current design trends was undertaken, which revealed a tilt towards modern aesthetics like gradients and 3D abstract elements.

  • Modern Aesthetic: The team prioritized aligning the website with the most notable design trends. The aim was to refresh the look, moving away from the outdated aesthetics and embracing a fresh, contemporary style.

  • Gradients and Highlights: Selective use of gradients became an integral part of the design language. These were used to accentuate titles and key elements, and when applied to backgrounds, they were kept subtle to maintain a clean look.

  • 3D Abstract Elements: These distinctive components added depth and a unique visual layer to the website. By appearing throughout the site, they not only reinforced brand consistency but also emphasized the brand's forward-thinking approach.

  • Rebranding: This involved crafting a new color palette and design elements. The rebrand sought to encapsulate the essence of "Dipa Solutions" in its entirety, making the brand more recognizable and resonant.

UX Strategy

  • Prototyping: With the wireframes as a foundation, interactive prototypes were developed to simulate the user journey through the redesigned website. This allowed for real-time feedback and adjustments to any potential usability issues.

  • Internal Testing: Before launching the new design, internal testing was conducted among the design and development teams. This was to validate the design decisions and ensure the revamped site met the agency's expectations. The team tried out the prototype, identifying any potential navigation issues or visual inconsistencies.

  • Accessibility: A significant emphasis was placed on ensuring the site was accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This entailed ensuring proper color contrast, keyboard navigability, and alt text for all images, among other accessibility best practices.


Leading the team as the senior designer, through the redesign we definitely brought about a significant transformation for Dipa Solutions. The newly designed website, with its modern aesthetics and user-centric approach, not only resonates with its audience but also underscores the agency's forward-thinking ethos. The strategic approach of internal testing and emphasis on accessibility ensures the site's longevity and relevance in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

The redesigned website, coupled with the rebranding efforts, successfully positioned Dipa Solutions as a modern, innovative agency. The transformation not only rejuvenated the brand's digital presence but also reinforced its commitment to staying abreast with the latest in design and user experience.

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