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Poetic Tandem

Poetic Tandem is an initiative that brings together expat poets in Berlin for a unique cultural exchange. Its core activity is organizing gatherings where poets share and translate each other's works, thus building a unique bond of cultural exchange.

Case Study: Berlin-based Expat Poetic Gatherings

The Problem

  1. Need to establish a visual identity that embodies the essence of a diverse community coming together through poetry.

  2. Requirement to promote gatherings and create a recognizable presence online and offline, especially targeting places where poetry enthusiasts frequent.

  3. Challenge of remote collaboration from a different country.

The Solution

  • Branding: Designed a unique logo and established brand guidelines, focusing on colors like purple (for transformation) and yellow (for optimism). This visual identity encapsulated the expat experience and the deep emotional connection poets have with their craft.

  • Social Media: Created and managed all social media post designs, drawing on elements like handwritten notes and post-its to give a personal and intimate feel, echoing the heart of poetry.

  • Offline Marketing: Designed brochures that could be placed in libraries and other relevant places to attract more poets and poetry enthusiasts to gatherings.


  • Held regular touchpoints with the founder through video calls and group communications.

  • Iterated designs based on feedback, ensuring the visuals resonated well with the intended audience.

  • Managed the entire visual direction of the project, from conception to execution.


Branding, Content Design, Product Management


  1. Poetic Tandem built a loyal and passionate community. The gatherings, underpinned by the designs, in ocassions where the organizer wasn't available, the meetings turned self-sustained, a testament to the project's success and the community envolvement.

  2. The distinct visual identity became synonymous with the initiative, aiding in its recognition and recall.


  • Remote collaboration demands robust communication structures and trust in on-ground partners.

  • Authenticity in design not only enhances brand identity but also plays a pivotal role in community engagement.

  • Holistic visual management, from logos to brochures, provides a cohesive and immersive experience for the target audience.

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